Optilan strengthens and expands the business

29 September 2020
Bill Bayliss, Optilan CEO

● Following the appointment of Bill Bayliss as CEO in January, leading international communications and security specialist, Optilan, has used the last six months to proactively commence the re-shaping of the Company the Company with additions to the Senior Leadership Team.

● Optilan has sold its Russian businesses as part of the reshaping, recently won projects in South America and the Middle East as part of rapid international expansion and opened a brand-new office in India to support engineering.

● Bill Bayliss, CEO of Optilan, says: “Optilan has used the down period over the last six months to markedly improve the Company under the guidance of a new strategic plan. This has resulted in restructuring activities that we believe puts us in a stronger position than ever before and will continue for the remaining months of the year.”

● Optilan also rebrands with new logo and new website.

Optilan, the leading communications and security services provider to the telecoms, energy, and infrastructure industries, has strengthened the business despite the market challenges caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Optilan, backed by leading private equity firm Blue Water Energy, has used the last six months, which has included the Coronavirus pandemic and the decline in commodity prices, to proactively commence re-shaping and re-organising the Company. Bill Bayliss, who was appointed CEO in January this year, has led the review and has implemented a series of changes to Optilan that solidify the Company’s financial position and operations under a new Strategic Plan.

As part of the re-organisation of the Company, Optilan has restructured its Leadership Team which is now centralised in the UK. The Company has made several additions to its senior teams, including the appointment of a new Commercial Director, Jason Keith, and Project Delivery Director Kate Davies, to the Company.

A re-capitalisation of the Company has also been completed successfully in recent months underlying the alignment of support for the new management team and their growth initiatives from shareholders and the banks.

Optilan has also sold its Russia-based arm to the Company’s local Management Team, based in Moscow. This strategic decision has been made to allow Optilan Russia to continue its growth through directly participating in Government tenders and by accessing finance from local banks.

In a further drive to convert international opportunities into revenue across all service lines, Optilan has successfully secured several contracts in various sectors, including a nuclear power plant in Brazil and an Oil & Gas project based in Iraq.

As well as these exciting new international projects, Optilan is delighted to announce the opening of its new office in Mumbai, India. Following significant international growth in recent years and as part of the reshaping of the Company, Optilan has invested in premises in the country to complement its considerable experience in the region, having worked on major projects such as the Cairn Energy Rajasthan Development. The new office adds to Optilan’s existing office branches in the UK, Dubai, Houston, Azerbaijan, and Turkey.

Bill Bayliss, CEO of Optilan, says: “The pandemic has, and will continue to bring, challenges to every industry worldwide. I am confident that we will turn these challenges into opportunities, and ensure we continue our commitment to deliver high-quality services to our clients.”

“We have refinanced and rationalised, and have refreshed our Senior Leadership Team which is now perfectly positioned to capitalise on a strong backlog and sales pipeline.”

“We would like to wish Optilan Russia all the best for the future. We will be keeping a close eye and a keen interest in its future prosperity and growth, and it will remain our primary partner should we be undertaking future business in Russia.”

“Optilan is primed to explore further international growth targets, including expanding from being a UK-focused Company into one that reaches worldwide. Our projects in South America and the Middle East – not to mention our new office in India – are just the start and speak to our growing international ambition. We’re now looking at doing even more work in North America, Africa and Australia.”

“Diversifying in this way, as well as across sectors including energy, power and renewables, telecoms, defence, rail and transport, and other critical national infrastructure, will help us build resilience to downturns in specific markets.”

New Identity for Optilan

As part of Optilan’s ongoing evolution, the Company is delighted to unveil its new brand identity, logo, and website after a thorough rebranding initiative.

The logo has been redesigned to offer a cleaner, simpler, and more contemporary tone. The inside of the logo represents the “O” of Optilan, while the angular design on the outside of the logo reflects the Company’s robust, straightforward approach.

The brand update coincides with Optilan’s new website, which improves the interactive user experience and explains the Company – and how it can provide solutions to clients – in a much clearer fashion. It allows colleagues, partners, clients both present and prospective, to easily find the information they are looking for. Visitors can browse the website based on their own interests, meet our team, learn more about our services and explore our project portfolio.

Bill Bayliss continues: “Our new brand embodies Optilan’s strong and future-focused identity.”

“It’s important for a business to keep its brand up-to-date, to stay modern and ensure its identity and imagery complements its corporate purpose and values. By formulating new content, the brand is undergoing a fundamental transformation.”

“Ultimately our new brand reflects the direction and image of our business as we look to the future. We hope to continue to grow and build on our reputation as a trusted business communication solutions provider, offering nothing but the highest standards of service to our customers, both existing and new. The new brand is a statement of who we are now and where we want to be.”

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