Jernbro Industrial Services Acquires GISAB (Gällivare Industriservice AB)

12 January 2022

On 2021-12-28, Jernbro Industrial Services AB (Jernbro) agreed with Axel Johnson International AB to acquire all shares in GISAB (Gällivare Industriservice AB). Access will preliminarily take place in February, after approval by the Swedish Competition Authority.

“The acquisition, which is part of our growth strategy, entails a mutual strengthening of the local presence, capacity, and range of services for industrial customers in Norrbotten, especially for customers in the steel and mining industry. We see good opportunities to contribute to a greater extent and more actively to the ongoing and planned industrial expansion in the region. Operations and competencies in GISAB and Jernbro complement each other in a good way, and together we will become stronger and can further develop operations and offer in consultation with customers locally” says Mikael Jansson, CEO, Jernbro Industrial Services AB.

“GISAB has been owned by Axel Johnson International since 2014 and had during that era the opportunity to build and develop the company to become a strong player in northern Sweden. With Jernbro and the partnerships that GISAB has built over the years, we will be able to offer existing and new customers a strong and broad range of high competence, know-how and experience in industrial maintenance and projects” says Boris Lindberg, CEO, GISAB.

“We always strive for long-term ownership and to build successful business areas where our companies benefit from each other in their respective industries. However, as the market for heavy industrial services has changed, we have concluded that the best thing for GISAB’s continued growth and development is to have a strong owner with a focus on industrial services. We are convinced that Jernbro and GISAB together will develop a powerful customer offering and become a significant platform for further expansion” says Martin Malmvik, CEO, Axel Johnson International AB.

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