GES and Provaris to develop new hydrogen import facility at Port of Rotterdam

10 April 2024

Global Energy Storage (GES) and Provaris Energy Ltd (Provaris) have entered a collaboration agreement to develop a gaseous hydrogen import facility at the GES terminal in Rotterdam.

GES is developing a multi-client, multi-product terminal in Rotterdam, able to import both refrigerated ammonia and compressed hydrogen, with redeliveries into barges, rail, truck and the H2 grid (HyNetwork) operated by Gasunie.

Under the collaboration, GES and Provaris will complete a comprehensive prefeasibility study to demonstrate the technical and economic viability of berthing and unloading of Provaris’ H2Neo compressed hydrogen carriers. Activities will also include the joint marketing of the proposed facility where Provaris will be responsible for the transportation of the hydrogen in the H2Neo carriers and GES responsible for the discharge and injection into the hydrogen grid.

Both parties have a shared belief that the GES terminal in Rotterdam is an ideal site for bulk scale import of green hydrogen given the early connection to the HyNetwork grid for gaseous supply to industrial users in the Port of Rotterdam and key industrials users in Europe.

Provaris’ compressed hydrogen supply chain offers a first mover and competitive alternative to chemical carriers from regional supply sources from the Nordic region and extend across the Baltics, North Sea, Iberia and down to North Africa.

The companies are committed to advancing an energy efficient and timely supply of green hydrogen to industrial users in Europe to support ambitious decarbonization goals.

Peter Vucins, CEO of GES commented, “This collaboration with Provaris showcases the types of partnerships that GES is pursuing to facilitate the Energy Transition through our contribution with storage and logistics solutions, at Rotterdam as well as other existing and future locations. I welcome the opportunity to work closely with Provaris to develop a cost competitive import solution for Rotterdam and European energy customers.”

Martin Carolan, CEO of Provaris Energy, says, “We are delighted to be collaborating with GES on a world-first terminal for bulk scale import of gaseous hydrogen that can accelerate the availability of green molecules for industrial users. GES has a global network and track record of terminal assets and is demonstrating leadership in the development of a bulk-terminal for hydrogen and derivatives for Europe. We look forward to the outcomes of this collaboration which can accelerate the delivery of ambitious import volumes required for the European market and support export projects under development based on the Provaris approach to the simple and energy efficient marine transport.”

During 2024 GES and Provaris will complete prefeasibility level studies focused on the jetty facilities to discharge the H2Neo carrier, along with scavenging compression, storage, HyNetwork grid connection, risk and safety, emissions, and other permitting and environmental considerations.
Provaris has advanced the H2Neo hydrogen carrier through an extensive FEED package design approval in December 2022, with a Prototype Tank under construction and testing program underway in Norway to support a final construction approval from Class targeted for mid-2024.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Alex Williams, Media Zoo [email protected] | 07793 207325
Archit Chopra, Media Zoo [email protected] | 0751 8547953

Martin Carolan, Managing Director & CEO, +61 404 809019, [email protected]
Per Road, Chief Technical Officer, +47 9021 3002, [email protected]

About Global Energy Storage Group (GES):
Global Energy Storage Group (GES) is a leading provider of innovative energy storage solutions, offering a comprehensive range of services to meet the evolving needs of the energy industry. With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, GES is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions to clients worldwide.

About Provaris
Provaris Energy (ASX: PV1) is an Australian public company developing a portfolio of integrated green hydrogen projects for the regional trade of Asia and Europe, leveraging our innovative compressed hydrogen bulk storage and carrier. Our focus on value creation through innovative development that aligns with our business model of simple and efficiency hydrogen production and transport can establish an early-mover advantage for regional maritime trade of hydrogen and unlock a world of potential. In August 2022 Provaris Norway AS was established to advance the development of hydrogen export projects from Norway and other European locations.

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