Core-Tech Wireline Joins the Excellence Logging Family

21 December 2017

Core-Tech Wireline Joins the Excellence Logging Family
By acquiring carefully selected companies in each continent, Excellence Logging offers a global presence in significant markets, utilizing advanced technology to broaden service offerings.  Excellence Logging is pleased to announce the acquisition of one such company, Core-Tech Wireline Services (CTWS). Core-Tech Wireline Services provides down-hole wireline services to numerous energy producing companies in the oil and gas industry, with operating centers in both Colorado and Texas.  Core-Tech Wireline Services’ leadership team has nearly 50 years of combined experience and the company as a whole, possesses an impressive amount of experience and talented individuals. Core-Tech Wireline Services joins an existing platform of four companies (DHI, Excellence Logging US Inc, Wilog and Dajan) and will play a critical role in Excellence Logging’s global expansion efforts, specifically, growing and broadening North America service offerings.  This will also allow Excellence Logging to develop more synergies with Local or International customers in Surface Data Logging and Production related services and to benefit from the technologies developed by Core-Tech Wireline Services where and when needed by other companies of the Excellence Logging group.

“We are excited for the opportunity to be part of a global company that is focused on innovation.  We too, look forward to the future, but will remain focused and continue to deliver the highest level of service to our customers,” said Bryan Steyaert and Blake Barnett, Operations Managers of Core-Tech Wireline Services.

“We are very happy to have Core-Tech Wireline Services on board and look forward to implementing, globally, the services CTWS has been successfully deploying in recent years,” said Bruno Burban, CEO of Excellence Logging.

For additional information regarding Core-Tech Wireline, please access their website at:

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