Bluewater Is Proud To Support The University of Cambridge’s Energy Technology Society

9 August 2022
Photograph from CUETS Garden Party

We understand the importance of exploring technologies and innovations that can accelerate the energy transition. That’s why Bluewater is delighted to be supporting the Cambridge University Energy Technology Society (CUETS) to help grow and take the conversation around the future of energy forward.

CUETS is Cambridge’s student society for those interested in the future of energy. CUETS aims to facilitate the discussion of energy related technologies and innovations and explore the fundamental challenges that must be overcome to make the energy transition a reality. This involves a range of academia and industry events such as panels, facility tours, socials, and challenges.

With Bluewater’s support, the CUETS will be able to continue to explore novel technologies and innovations in energy conversion, processing, and storage – all of which are required to meet both societal requirements and future sustainable development goals.

In weekly seminars and panels, CUETS host world-leading academics and industry representatives to share their innovations. Topics include all forms of renewable energies, carbon capture, new energy storage methods, and grid management.

Through networking events like their annual garden party and Energy Idea Challenge, CUETS provides a platform to discuss ideas on novel energy technologies and connect like-minded people.

CUETS’ work to explore energy technologies that accelerate the transition to net-zero is at the heart of Bluewater’s philosophy and we are delighted to help to the society continue its meaningful work.

Frazer Blyth, Director of Investor Relations and Marketing at Bluewater, says: “Bringing together talented individuals to discuss energy technologies will help to meet future goals in sustainability and efficiency, as we move towards a lower carbon future. We have partnered with CUETS so that we can learn from each other, and work together with some of the brightest minds in the world to tackle the greatest challenge in a generation.”

Tristan Spreng, President at Cambridge University Energy Technology Society, adds: “We thank Bluewater for their generous support which helps to ensure a full calendar of events are open and accessible to every student. Our aim is to open the conversation around the energy transition through a range of exciting events – coming up we have the Oxbridge energy summit on the horizon which will bring together over 450 attendees. It is thanks to support from organisations like Bluewater that these events can happen.”

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