Axesat and CETel become AXESS Networks

25 September 2019

Barcelona, September 25, 2019 – Supported by Aksiom Group Limited, a specialist in the development of high growth technical services companies, Latin American-based Axesat and German-based CETel, two leaders in the provision of satellite communications solutions, are combining to form AXESS Networks (AXESS), a new leading global player in the enterprise satellite communications industry.

The new company has a unique global infrastructure, recognized by the WTA (World Teleport Association). AXESS operates three main teleports located in Germany, Mexico and Colombia, and alternative teleports in Dubai and Peru. The company provides global coverage to a diverse base of industrial, energy, oil and gas, telecom, infrastructure, mining, marine and government/NGO customers, all who have critical operations in difficult to serve regions where reliability and security of service is of paramount importance. Current operations cover more than 50 countries on four continents.

Pairing the highly successful commercial strategy of Axesat and its leading presence in the Latin American market with CETel’s experience in providing German-engineered, customer-specific solutions to the EMEA market has been the key driver for this fundamental merger.

The former president of Axesat, Mauricio Segovia, has been appointed AXESS’ Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Guido Neumann, former Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of CETel, has been appointed AXESS’ Chief Development Officer (CDO). Ramon Escales joined the company as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). AXESS is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.

Christopher Picotte, Executive Chairman of Aksiom Group and Chairman of AXESS explains, “Our initial involvement in CETel in May 2018 was premised on: (i) the value of an expert service provider connecting the rapidly evolving technology offered by the satellite operators with the highly specific technical and service needs of enterprise customers in dynamic and challenging data environments, and (ii) the opportunity to consolidate and globalize this service offering. The creation of AXESS is a major step forward, and we are delighted to be partnered with Mauricio and Guido.”

Mauricio Segovia, CEO of AXESS states, “One of our main goals is enhancing our offering to provide comprehensive turnkey solutions to Telcos and large enterprises. Our company will connect companies globally through a differentiated value offering and the best technical support and customer service.”

Guido Neumann, CDO of AXESS adds, “The merger of Axesat and CETel into AXESS is a further milestone within our global growth and diversification strategy. AXESS combines experiences of two individual leading companies from two continents and therewith a new true global leader rises within our thrilling industry.”

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