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  • 3T Energy Group

    3T Energy Group

    Investment Date: 2nd April 2015

    By creating the most advanced and flexible range of training solutions currently available, our goal is nothing less than the transformation of the entire global training sector. It is a goal we will achieve by enhancing the offering of businesses within that sector, boosting their efficiency and enabling them to provide an exceptional customer experience.

    Our solutions are also transforming the global energy industry. This we are accomplishing through the development of skills, knowledge and performance, which in turn are increasing business efficiency and driving higher standards of health and safety.

    But perhaps most importantly, we are delivering a better education for the workforce of tomorrow. And by providing improved access to the right facilities our ambition is to inspire and stimulate learning.

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  • Galileo Technologies

    Galileo Technologies

    Investment Date: 25th May 2016

    A global supplier of advanced technology in the gas compression sector, offering solutions to reduce client operating costs or monetise new gas sources.

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  • Authentix


    Investment Date: September 2017

    A leading global authentication and information services company, managing the integrity of customers’ global supply chains and helping them to combat illicit trade.

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Energy Transition & Sustainability

  • Environmental & Sustainable focus
  • Systems efficiency focus
  • Further advancing the development and use of LNG
  • Electrification of energy cycle
  • Technology led