Best-in-class investment and operations professionals, an unrivalled network of international contacts and unique insights on the energy transition.

There are multiple reasons to partner with us as we move towards a low-carbon world: we embrace the transition as a core investment principle, and we apply our experience to pursue the opportunities it presents.   

Bluewater Partnership Blueprint with Management

Task Management's Role BWE's Role
Buys Management's Role
  • Develop strategic plan for the business
  • Drive market insight and opportunity
  • Enable the diligence process and highlight areas of focus
BWE's Role
  • Invest alongside management as an entrepreneurial partner
  • Leverage sector knowledge to complement management business case
Focus / Grow Management's Role
  • Optimise existing business footprint
  • Pursue organic growth opportunities, “inside the fence”
  • Deliver high IRR capex opportunities
BWE's Role
  • Finance organic growth opportunities
  • Open up business network to enhance existing offering
  • Support management in review of business
Expand Management's Role
  • Prioritise bolt-on acquisition opportunities
  • Lead commercial acquisition discussion and negotiation
BWE's Role
  • Enable buy-and-build strategy through linking sector knowledge with strategic capital
  • Align with management on terms and direction
Realise Management's Role
  • Drive business growth to deliver plan
  • Represent the company in private and public markets
BWE's Role
  • Provide finance / M&A expertise to execute realisation
  • Position for exit that works for all parties

We align with your management team

We are partners, not owners. We align our interests with yours to create sustainable working relationships – to add value through the proven buy-and-build capabilities of our people.

You retain control of operations. We deploy our expertise to realise new growth in a new energy world.

We can deliver a transaction with certainty

Our investment committee, comprising highly experienced industry professionals, is primed to make decisions swiftly throughout the due diligence period.

Our processes and practices are designed to inspire confidence in the transaction process and minimise disruption to your business.

We are with you on the energy transition journey

Our focus on the new-look energy market is growing all the time as we prioritise investment in technologies and capabilities that support the net-zero agenda.

We share our knowledge to help you identify new value-adding opportunities in the transition space.

We have deep industry knowledge and relationships

We enjoy strong relationships with strategic players across the energy supply chain – both customers and buyers – and tap into those to introduce new breadth and depth to your company capabilities.

Our unique network in the international energy markets can help unlock your growth plans.

We lend our experience to make a difference

We complement the operational skills of your management team with our financial resources and expertise to realise your business possibilities.

Our capital markets expertise can help further grow your business in global financial markets.

We help you meet your wider responsibilities

Our ESG strategy captures our commitment to the principles of Responsible Investment and extends into all our portfolio companies.

We use our knowledge to support the policies and practices that underpin your ESG performance – positioning you to mitigate risk and enhance returns.